Quality assurance

Quality care 

The Quality Assurance department is responsible for policy development in relation to education, the establishment and monitoring of a university-wide internal quality assurance system (internal quality assurance) and the support of the faculties in accreditation (external quality assurance) of the academic bachelor's and master's programs. For quality monitoring and improvement, course evaluations and other evaluation studies are carried out. The department also provides didactic training courses: the Teaching Professionalization Education (DPO) program in which competences are developed with regard to organizing, performing and evaluating educational tasks, as well as training on the use of electronic learning environments (Maya university StudentSpace).



The following services are offered by the Quality Assurance department:

• Develop policies relating to education;
• Setting up internal quality assurance;
• Support external quality assurance;
• Perform internal audits;
• Conducting evaluation research (including course evaluations);
• Taking care of Teacher of Professionalization Education (DPO);
• Increasing the use of electronic learning environments ( Maya university StudentSpace).