Student Life


Entrepreneurship within the university sphere occupies the work of many of the projects in the UM, whose purpose is to show what are the entrepreneurial manifestations in the university impetus.

The students of the UM fulfill the elements that allow them to direct real projects without career distinction, developing their entrepreneurial vision, associating the perception of opportunities in the creation of organizations or products.

Cultural and Sports Activities

In the Cultural and Sports activities of the Maya University it is sought to activate the intellectual and physical development, and promoting the exchange of knowledge between the different areas of formation.

In the framework of these activities highlights the Cultural and Sports Week "Spirit Maya", where in addition to promoting the practice and find a space that allows to nourish the intellectual and talent, leads us to strengthen bonds of friendship among those who integrate the community UM.

Environmental Responsibility

For the Mayan University, environmental responsibility encompasses several aspects that are directed in themselves, to the entire community that is part of the institution, with practices and projects that encourage environmental awareness, always committed to responsible social action.

Evidence of this awareness has led the UM to sign collaboration agreements that support higher education that the university offers to be an instrument of development in the environmental issue.