Study choice and student profiles

Choosing the right training is a heavy job in itself. If you also have to make a choice between HBO and WO, you can quickly make the wrong choice out of misery. We want to help you make the best choice with the least effort and therefore let you know "Why you should choose Maya University".
The main difference lies in the orientation of the study program, in which HBO is specifically vocationally oriented and WO mainly emphasizes scientific research skills.


The  Maya University mainly offers Scientific Education (WO). All Bachelor's programs and the vast majority of Master's programs are academic programs. And although HBO and WO both belong to higher education, they can not be used as synonyms for each other.

Some differences between HBO and WO programs are:


• Scientifically oriented
• Theoretical and practical knowledge
• Use of (recent) scientific literature
• You generate new knowledge
• High study pace
• High level of independence expected
• The teachers conduct research
• You develop research skills
• You will be trained for a higher position with faster promotion opportunities
• No clear professional image
• Internship is possible
• Graduation on the basis of graduation research
• Bachelor of at least 180 credits (nominal study duration of 3 years)


• Profession-oriented
• Practice knowledge in particular
• Use of professional literature
• You apply the theory in practice
• Average study pace
• More taken by hand
• The teachers have practical experience
• You develop professional skills
• You are trained for an executive profession
• Clear professional image
• Internship is mandatory
• Graduation on the basis of a project or internship
• Bachelor of at least 240 credits (nominal study duration of 4 years)


Studying at the Maya University offers a broad personal development base for students. In addition to experienced teachers, there are various internal bodies that guarantee the quality and level of the training. But have you ever wondered whether a study at Maya University is for you and if you fit in with the Maya University?

In order to help you find the answer to that question, Maya University has drawn up a student profile. This student profile is general and can be supplemented with a specific profile for the course you wish to complete. Although the profile does not contain official admission requirements and will therefore not apply to the assessment of your enrollment, these characteristics can help you to go through your study time with more ease.

1. Studied student

Studying at  Maya University is a conscious choice for you, because you have a goal in mind. You have thought carefully about your future job and know that the training you have chosen brings you one step closer. You know exactly what you can expect from the program and what is expected of you as a student. A good combination between your interests, vision of the future and educational requirements that only increases your chances of success.

2. Independent Self-Rescuer

As Maya University student you are able to independently go through your education. Without constant guidance and / or guidance from others, you yourself look for information, carry out assignments and solve problems that arise. You are also responsible for your own planning and time management and allow external influences to have minimal impact on your studies. If problems do arise, you ensure that you do not wait, but immediately look for solutions or inform the correct structures.

3. Motivated Go-getter

You know exactly what added value there is in the number of hours you invest in your study and do not be put off by the difficulty of a course. All additional information is useful information for you and you know how to bring it in the right way. Participation in workshops, seminars, master classes and other additional activities is an integral part of your study, because graduation is not the finish line for you, but only the first round in an infinite race.

4. Inventive Self-developer

For you, your study time is mainly meant to challenge yourself. You work towards it to develop yourself by moving boundaries and achieving groundbreaking results. Every competence that you have at your disposal allows you to live your education. You are also prepared to ask critical questions, to expand your social skills, and gain administrative and organizational experience by becoming an active member of a (student representative) faculty governing body.

If you recognize yourself in the above properties, you will find your way within the Maya University without any problems. If not, we invite you for the extra challenge you get when you acquire these properties.

Admission And Registration

Because  Maya University is the highest scientific education in Mexico, there are certain requirements that you must meet in order to register for one of our courses. These so-called admission requirements are determined by law and therefore can not simply be deviated from. 

In general, the following requirements apply to Maya university:

1. To have at least a recognized diploma of Pre-university Education (VWO) or an equivalent or higher level of education;

2. Comply with the minimum specific admission criteria, insofar as they exist for the program for which you wish to enroll. These specific admission criteria can be found on the page of the study program and can also be requested from the faculty where the study program is located or from the Student Affairs department.

If you do not meet the above requirements, then there is the possibility to go through a switching process to still be able to meet. However, there are some programs where the transition year is not sufficient to still be admitted for enrollment. In order to know whether it is possible to follow a transition program for a specific program, you can look at the page of the course.

Also check under " Study choice and Student profiles " for useful information when choosing a course and to see what is expected of a student at Maya University.

Study Costs And Financing

Taking care of a qualitative education costs money in addition to a good organization. The training courses at  Maya University are no exceptions. The policy of the government is aimed at keeping studying at the university as accessible and inexpensive as possible for everyone. However, they can not fully fund all courses for all students.

In order to be able to study at Maya University , a minimum amount of enrollment fees will be charged for enrollment, which partly covers the costs for student registration and administration during the academic year. This registration fee applies to all education levels of the  Maya University and is set by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture per academic year in consultation with the Board of the University.

In order to ensure that the programs can be guaranteed, tuition fees apply in addition to the registration fee for some programs. These costs are charged primarily for the Master's programs and differ depending on the course you wish to follow. To know whether a specific program uses tuition fees and how much the tuition fee is, you can look at the page of that specific course.


Because not everyone is equally financially capable to qualify for a training course at the Maya University, some possibilities have been created for students for a form of financing of their education and the additional costs. However, it is up to the student to request this funding and the  Maya University can not guarantee that the application will actually be approved.

Refund Registration and Tuition Fees

In principle, refund of enrollment fees and tuition fees is not possible. However, exceptionally (in certain cases specified in advance), a refund can be requested by means of a reasoned written request addressed to the head of the Student Affairs department.

Students who have enrolled for a new academic year and who have graduated in that academic year at the latest on the last working day, before the Christmas closing of the university, and who actually receive their degree certificate, can also be considered for a refund of up to 50% of the registration fee for that academic year.
Such a request can be made no later than 15 January of the following calendar year, by means of the form "Application for Refund of Enrollment Fee after Graduation". Requests made after January 15 will not be processed and refunds in those cases will therefore not be honored.

In all other cases no refund will be granted.

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