Student services

For each university, the most important target group is the students. The Maya University also recognizes this and ensures optimal student services for the benefit of this specific target group.

Within the structures of the Maya University there are different organs at different levels with special attention for students. Together they try to guarantee an optimal student and study climate. These organs are:

Student representative on the Board of the University

This representative is chosen by the students to sit for a period of 5 years in the Board of the University and tries to defend the interests of the students as well as possible. This representative is also the highest representative body of the students at the policy level;

Student affairs

This department ensures an optimal representation of the administrative and material interests of the students. Student affairs ensures the implementation of an adequate student administration and guarantees for optimal student facilities. This department is the highest representative body of the students at the administrative level;

Student counselor

This person is the point of contact when it comes to guiding students with regard to their personal / social situations in combination with their study progress. Often called the troubleshooter of the students, the student counselor is the body that can receive the students within the faculty;

Student committee

This body is the representative body of the students within the faculty and ensures an optimal student climate within the faculty and / or field of study. Furthermore, the student committee is the consultation body of the students within the faculty policy center;

Phase representative

This person represents the interests of the students within each phase. Problems within the phase are first made known to the phase representative, after which they are committed to solve these problems with the right authorities. The phase representative is the lowest representative body of the students, but occupies one of the most important positions.


Student work at Maya University

Because  Maya University provides scientific training, it is often difficult to immediately go into practice. Compared to a higher vocational education, scientific training mainly focuses on the scientific subject matter behind certain subjects. Since the labor market is almost always looking for work experience, Maya University offers its students the opportunity to take up a student job internally or at a few partner companies and thus to build up an amount of work experience.

The types of work that are possible for Maya University students, during their study, are subdivided into the following categories:

1. Student positions:
These are positions which are included within the structures of Maya University as a scientific training institute and may only be filled in by students;

2. Student
jobs Internal: These are jobs within the Maya University , which because of their nature are student-friendly. These are made available by the departments within the  Maya University for a limited period, giving the student the opportunity to learn extra skills.

3. Student
jobs External: These are jobs outside the Maya University , which because of their nature are student-friendly. These external student jobs are made available by partners of the Maya University and offer, depending on the work area, students of specific study programs or with specific backgrounds, the possibility to gain experience within a real company.

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