This is a great time to join us at the Maya University

Maya University is a large institution of higher education in Tuxtla Guti√©rrez, Chiapas It is blessed to be surrounded by scenic hills, colorful flowers and fresh air. More than 1000 residents comprise of students, faculty and staff from 34 countries make up the University Campus Family. 

In the past ten years the number of people applying to study at the Maya University has grown at a much higher rate than the national average.

Our univerity has become so popular because we have:

  • innovative and highly relevant courses.
  • excellent, inspiring teaching
  • a truly friendly, inclusive approach with excellent student support.
  • an outstanding record of graduate employment.
  • a beautiful home in historic Maya


To train integral professionals, capable of responding to current times and of successfully inserting themselves in labor markets, based on the development of a service conscience, which contributes to the sustainable development of their social environment. 


To be one of the institutions with the most national and international prestige, open, flexible, innovative and committed to educational and technological quality, generating knowledge for the welfare and sustainable development.